Enjoy High Life in High Rolls with S&H GreenLife Cannabis Dispensary!

Situated in the lofty peaks of New Mexico, High Rolls, NM, is taking the term ‘altitude’ to new heights with the arrival of S&H GreenLife Cannabis Dispensary. High Rolls is known for its charming fruit stands, but it’s time to get a different kind of ‘fruit’ into your basket, if you get our drift!

The thriving town of La Luz, NM, notorious for its vast nut orchards, is about to go nuts over something even better. Enter S&H GreenLife, your friendly neighborhood cannabis dispensary. Best believe, these ‘nuts’ can upstage a pistachio party!

Meanwhile, Tularosa, NM, and Alamogordo, NM, are joining the green revolution with our weed dispensary. We marry convenience with quality, offering products worth cherishing, savoring, and definitely worth your green dollars!

Holloman AFB, NM, is not far behind either. Our recreational cannabis dispensary here means no more clandestine trips for baggies! We guarantee a legal, safe, and fun experience.

And then there‚Äôs Boles Acres, NM. Following our pot shop’s opening, residents rejoiced, exchanging high-fives and munchies recipes!

Join the fun at our stores and experience the phenomenal S&H GreenLife!