Debunking Myths Surrounding Astoria’s First Legal Dispensary

As the era of cannabis prohibition gradually fades into the annals of history, a new wave of legal dispensaries are emerging to cater to the growing demand for recreational and medicinal cannabis. Astoria’s first legal dispensary, Terp Bros Dispensary, is at the forefront of this new frontier. However, with this new industry comes misconceptions and myths that can create confusion for the consumer. In this post, we’re going to debunk a few of these myths.

Myth 1: Legal Cannabis is More Dangerous Than Black Market Cannabis

One of the most pervasive myths is this: cannabis sold in legal dispensaries like Terp Bros Dispensary is somehow more dangerous than the product available on the black market. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Legal dispensaries are held to high standards of quality control and are required by law to have their products tested for pesticides and other harmful substances.

Myth 2: Legal Dispensaries Promote Drug Use

There’s a misconception that legalizing cannabis and allowing regulated dispensaries promotes excessive drug use, particularly among the youth. However, studies have shown that this is not the case. In states where cannabis has been legalized, use among teens has actually stayed the same or even decreased. Legal dispensaries, such as Astoria’s first, present an opportunity to better regulate cannabis use and ensure safe, controlled access for adults.

Myth 3: All Cannabis Products Get You ‘High’

Not all cannabis products will get you ‘high’. Different strains and various products have different amounts of THC and CBD, the active components in cannabis. Terp Bros Dispensary offers a variety of products, ranging from high-THC to high-CBD products, allowing customers to choose products based on their individual needs and desired experiences.

In conclusion, it’s important to separate the facts from fiction when discussing cannabis and its legalization. As Astoria’s first legal dispensary, our mission at Terp Bros is to dispel these myths and offer a safe, transparent and educational environment for all our customers.