A Guide to Fun Activities Near East Coast Cannabis Dispensary in Lebanon, ME

Visiting the East Coast Cannabis dispensary in Lebanon, ME provides an opportunity not just to explore a top-notch selection of medical and recreational cannabis but also to dive into a host of engaging activities and sights in this intriguing town. The following is your guide to making the most of your excursion to Lebanon.

Lebanon Historical Society Museum

Our first stop is at the Lebanon Historical Society Museum. Frequented by locals and visitors alike, this museum houses a wealth of information about the town’s history. It’s the perfect place to start your tour and get a feel for the rich background of Lebanon, ME.

Salmon Falls River Camping Resort

After immersing yourself in a bit of history, why not take a dive into Lebanon’s stunning natural beauty? Salmon Falls River Camping Resort offers serene canoeing and kayaking as well as comfortable campsites. This resort is an oasis of tranquility and outdoor fun.

Brother’s Butcher

Afterwards, make sure to stop by at Brother’s Butcher, a locally beloved shop where you can pick up a variety of farm-fresh products. Savour their premium graded meats, fresh produce, and artisanal goods – contributing to a lovely picnic by the river or a succulent cookout at your campsite.

Within Lebanon, the East Coast Cannabis dispensary serves as more than just a place to find quality cannabis; it’s the starting point for a delightful day of exploration of the town and its surroundings. Happy discoveries!